‘I don't remember the pain and discomfort, I remember the amazing midwives; all the laughs, the support, the tough love, the cries when the love was too tough – I’m endlessly grateful for them.’

You don’t remember the pain; you remember the nurse who made a joke to put you at ease. You don’t remember the date you got snowed in; you remember the neighbour who cleared your drive. You don’t remember where you were going; you remember the kind stranger who helped carry your bags.

Every day thousands of people across Leeds go above and beyond to help others. Whether it’s a simple gesture that made your day or an exceptional act of kindness that helped at a difficult time – you never forget the time someone was there for you when you really needed it.

So wouldn’t it be incredible if there was a way to thank these everyday heroes?

The Big Thank You is an NHS Leeds campaign that celebrates all the wonderful things that local services, groups, teams and individuals do to help each other during the winter months. This could be anything from thanking the emergency services for responding quickly in a crisis, to a friend or family member who’s always there for you.

So what are you waiting for?

If you have someone you’d like to thank this winter, say your Big Thank You here.

Say a Big Thank You